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The Eighth Symphony was initiated on August 26, 1889 and there finished November 8 of the same year. Dvorak directed the premiere in Prague, on February 2, 1890. The work reflects not only the happiest Dvorak humor, but also a continuation of the commitment with the Czech nationalism of his music. Because it was composed in his summer house in Vysoká, far from the professional pressures of the urban life and possibly because the composer was proposing to invoke the folk music, the symphony was composed without effort.


To die at the age of 26 and across the centuries to keep on occupying an honorable place in the history of the music is a little that it is only within reach of a genius. Giovanni Battista Pergolesi it was. His Stabat mater for feminine voices proves it; also some of his comical operas, with which it turned into one of the most important figures of the early history of this genre. In last century studies worthy of gratitude have been done on his life and his work. Although it worked of equal way the opera would be like the comic, it is in the latter subgenre in which he stood out, especially in the interval The serva padrona.

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This pianist was born on December 17, 1862 inside the Austro-Hungarian Empire, specially in the city of Lemberg. Up to today one comments on the brilliant skill that Moritz Rosenthal demonstrated, up to a level that it is possible to categorize like extraordinary, with characteristics quite similar to his contemporaries like Josef Hofmann, Leopoldo Godowski and Ignaz Friedman. In his moment, when it was still very young, it went so far as to have big friendship with big composers like Johannes Brahms, Hans von Bülow, Johann Strauss, Anthony Rubinstein, Camille Saint-Saëns, Jules Massenet and Isaac Albéniz.

The directors

Previn is one of the most well-known and versatile musicians of our time. It is famous like the director of the principal bands of the world, like composer of prize-winning orchestral works, of camera, scenic and for the movies, like pianist of chamber music and of jazz, like prolific record artist or like producer of television programs. 45 years ago André Previn had already reached everything of what a musical whiz kid dreams in the United States. With four awards Oscar and nine nominations for his sound-tracks, Hollywood had filled with awards the pianist, composer and genius of the study.


Maria Callas, whose real name was Cecilia Sophia Anna Maria Kalogeropoulou, was born in the city of New York on December 2, 1923 as daughter of a few Greek emigrants. It did his début in The Scala of Milan in 1950 with the Aida representation. His first appearance in New York was in 1956 representing the opera Norm of Bellini, a role that turned into his specialty. You are quiet it was always very interested in revitalizing those operas that had been forgotten, representing works forgotten Gluck, Haydn and Spontini.

Washington, on February 16

The Bolshoi of Moscow presents the ballet Spartak in Washington

The Theater Bolshoi of Moscow will present today in Washington the legendary ballet Spartak in the frame of the program "A look to Russia", initiative of the Artistic Center John Kennedy of the American capital to acquaint the North American public with the marvels of the Russian art. The famous ballet Spartak, realized by Yuri Grigorovich, John Kennedy will be presented in the scene of the Artistic Center, in Washington, from February 16 until February 21. At the end of the current month the center will celebrate a conference dedicated to the art of Grigorovich, who arrived to the USA together with the ballet company.

Barcelona, on February 16

The Symphonic Band of Venezuela celebrates his 80 years in a tour along Spain

The Symphonic Band of Venezuela will celebrate eighty anniversary of his foundation in a tour along Spain that will begin on March 21, as has informed today a spokesman of the musical formation. Directed by the teacher Angelo Pagliuca, the band will start his tour in Santiago de Compostela on March 21 and April 5 will finish it in the National Auditorium of Music of Madrid.


The magic flute - Diana Damrau

Community HLM

The Symphonic Band of Venezuela informed that next Friday, February 26 there will be the auditions for the soloist's squares of the second violins and soloist of the cellos violates line. The interested parties must present themselves to 10:00 of the morning in the Room C of the cultural complex Teresa Carreño, in Caracas. The Symphonic one is the band dean of this country. At present it is integrated by 95 teachers and realizes more than 70 concerts a year dedicated to all the communities of Venezuela, without classes distinction not of intellectual level.

Magazine HLM

In this edition of our digital magazine we produce just homage to two big composers of different epochs, Giuseppe Verdi and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Also in this number we celebrate the annual month of formusiclovers.net. The Web place of Classical music, Opera and Tango with transmission of a radio in alive 24 hs, two channels of videos and reports mp3 and a magazine; in addition to actuality information and encyclopedic, it is four years and wants to share it with you: faithful witnesses of our way!


  • On February 17, 1653: Arcangelo Corelli, musician and Italian composer is born. Grosso contributed to the crystallization of the concerto. Author of numerous instrumental works (Concert of Christmas, The Follia, sonatas), father of the sonata for violin and inspirer of a group of composers of this instrument like Varacini, Germiniani and Viotti.

  • On February 13, 1883: Richard Wagner dies in Venice. Composer of German origin, renovator of the romantic opera. His inclination towards the music did not wake up up to knowing the works of Weber and Beethoven. After a life lax and invested in the game and the women, he married and traveled to Paris and then to Dresden, where his work was recognized. The transfer of his remains was comparable to the funeral procession of a big sovereign one.

  • On February 13, 1976: the soprano Lily Pons dies. A voice crystalline and extended towards the sharp one, joined a graceful figure and personal friendliness, they constitute the props of the formidable success of Lily Pons. An exceeded publicity helped to do of her almost a sacred monster of the singing; so much it was so in the decade of '40 went so far as to consider her to be the best singer of the world.

  • On February 12, 1924: there is released "Rhapsody In Blue" of George Gershwin. Gershwin managed to unite in this work three fundamental elements of the music of his country: the piano popular tradition, the harmonic treatment of the music of the theater of varieties and all the ambience of the African American blues.

  • On February 10, 1881: I release in Paris of "The Stories of Hoffmann" of Jacques Offenbach. The opera is an adaptation of Jules Barbier and Michel Carré of several stories of writer Ernst T.A. Hoffmann. The first one takes place with a mechanical doll, the second one with the victim of the conjuration of a magician, and the third one with a moribund sick person. The history begins with a prologue ambientado in a bar.


  • Daniel Barenboim
    "The director does not have physical contact with the music that his instrumentalists produce and at most he can correct the phrasing or the rhythm of the score but his gesture does not exist if it does not find a band that is receiving"

  • George Gershwin
    "It would give everything what I have as a little of the genius that Schubert needed to compose his Ave Maria"

  • Gustav Mahler
    "When the work turns out to be a success, when a problem has been solved, we forget the difficulties and the perturbations and feel richly rewarded"

  • Franz Schubert
    "When one is inspired by something good, the musician is born fluently, the melodies sprout; really this is a big satisfaction"

  • Bedrich Smetana
    "With the help and the God's grace, I will be a Mozart in the composition and a Liszt in the skill"


  • Sky and sea!

    Giuseppe Di Stefano (Enzo Grimaldo)

  • Otello

    Giuseppe Verdi

  • Fantasy for a gentleman

    Joaquín Rodrigo

  • Canon in re major

    Johann Christoph Pachelbel



Astor Piazzolla

Astor Piazzolla

Piazzolla represents one of the rarest cases in which an author is unrolled of extraordinary form so much in the world of the popular music, with his tangos of Buenos Aires, as in that of the refined or classic music. Called symphonic tango created a new genre renewing this way of decisive form the tango. If it is considered that the work of Piazzolla begins in 1946 with The desbande and concludes in 1990, with Him grand tango and with Five tango sensations, that the same year records with the quartet of ropes Kronos, it is deduced that it covers 46 years, space in which it produced not less than eight hundred works.


Carlos Gardel

Carlos Gardel

Carlos Gardel is perhaps the biggest myth of the Argentina. His artistic skill, his incomparable talent as singer of the suburbs of Buenos Aires, his musical instinct to compose some of the biggest tangos of all the times, his marvelous character, his fanaticism for the careers, have led him to being equalled perhaps only by another legend of the country of the south of the Silver: Eva Perón. Nevertheless, while all political activity can be worth of objections, comments and mistrust on the part of certain sectors of the population, the figure of Carlos Gardel is erected as universally for all the Argentinians and the followers of the tango across the world.

Paris, on February 16

Juan José Mosalini: the soul of the bandoneón beats in Paris

The music and the dance of the River Plate came to the margins of the Seine more than one century ago, seducing the French, but Juan José Mosalini lives through the tango now a real explosion in France, of the hand of some of his contemporary teachers, like the bandoneonista. In an interview with the AFP in Paris, before traveling to Argentina, where it will offer two concerts, and from which it will set off then in the direction of China, Mosalini evoked "passionate and unconditional" relation between Paris and the tango and between he and the bandoneón, which came to his hands when it was a chiquilín.

Granada, on February 16

International festival tango Granada dedicates his XXII edition to Carlos Gardel

75 anniversary of the death of the singer and tanguista Carlos Gardel will lead XXII edition of the International Festival of Tango of Granada, which also will organize several parallel activities between which there are holidays of trasnoche, tango in the university or an exhibition. Between the artists who will take part in three forms of the festival - dance, set of instruments and sung - there is Leo Sujatovich, Cristian Zárate and the Japanese couple of dance Kyoto and Hiros Yamao.


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